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The Kelowna Downtown Knox Mountain Neighbourhood Association provides a forum where the voice of our residents can be heard, where the collective voice of our neighbourhood is represented at Kelowna City Council, and where our residents are informed about issues impacting the community.


What’s happening in the community

This is definitely a neighbourhood on the move. The latest on our news blog.


Hot topics, hot takes, a new way to chat just us

Why let all the Castanetters and Redditors have all the fun? We’re bringing back the boards to get our community chatting and engaging between meetings. Anyone can sign up so long as you live in the neighbourhood – see map below.

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2020 was a a landmark year for development in our area. New towers, townhouses, and multifamily RU7 residences have changed our skyline and streets. The packing district is changing before our eyes with the transition to new breweries, cideries, dispensaries, and restaurants. BC Tree Fruits made major announcements about their changing operations. And after over 100 years in operation Tolko Lumber Mill (formerly S.M Simpson Mill) closed their doors, leaving us to wonder what will take their place. During this period of historic growth and change, it’s so important for residents to get involved.

We need your voice and participation to protect what we love about where we live, and leave behind a safe, inclusive, sustainable community for future generations to enjoy.

Background photo credit: Ryan Bednar


Are you in?

If you live between the lake and Gordon on the east-west axis, and between Lawson/Lawrence and Broadway/Poplar Point on the north-south axis, then you are in the KDKM zone. It gets a little less clear cut around the edges, so visit our Google street map here.

KDKM boundaries