About KDKM

KDKM was first founded in the early 1990s by long-time resident and community advocate Mari McIntosh, assisted by Diane Upsdale and originally went by the name of North End Residents Association (NERA). NERA officially received non-profit status in 2002.

In 2012, the name was changed to KDKM in order to be inclusive of the community boundaries served, which include areas often thought of as a part of the Kelowna downtown.

2020-21 Board Members

  • Ray Lewis – President
  • Heather Rice – Vice President
  • Vacant – Secretary
  • Maria Tokarchuk – Treasurer
  • Saskia Makela – Director
  • Esther Moore – Director
  • Annette Lachaine – Director

What we do
and how you can participate

Why Join Now?

2020 was a a landmark year for development in our area. New towers, townhouses, and multifamily RU7 residences have changed our skyline and streets. The packing district is changing before our eyes with the transition to new breweries, cideries, dispensaries, and restaurants. BC Tree Fruits made major announcements about their changing operations. And after over 100 years in operation Tolko Lumber Mill (formerly S.M Simpson Mill) closed their doors, leaving us to wonder what will take their place. During this period of historic growth and change, it’s so important for residents to get involved.

Neighbourhood Associations 101

Neighbourhood Associations are non-profit organizations formed by area residents who volunteer their time to improve the quality of life in their neighbourhoods. Members meet regularly with neighbours, city representatives, and developers to raise concerns and offer feedback informed by the perspective of homeowners and renters. The shared goal of living in a healthy, inclusive, and safe neighbourhood is expressed through influencing civic policies, organizing events to improve neighbourly connections, and initiating projects to improve public community spaces.

We are Transparent and Accessible

Anyone can check out what we’re up to in our meetings, as well as peruse through our constitution and bylaws. Renters and homeowners are welcome to join and run for the Board of Directors. If you’re thinking of upping your involvement, here’s a few ways to get started.

Read the Monthly Minutes

We meet every month to discuss current topics affecting the KDKM community, present our voice to other community stakeholders such as community organizations and City of Kelowna planning staff as well as liase with other neighbourhood associations when issues are interrelated with or affect the larger region.

Vote or Run for the Board

We hold an annual AGM in the Fall to elect the board and president. Keep an eye on our meetings calendar to find out when our next annual general meeting is, or reach out to us for any questions or inquiries.