Kelowna 2040: Vision into Action

Discover how these two plans help guide us to 2040.

Following a shared, multi-year community engagement process, the 2040 Official Community Plan (OCP) and 2040 Transportation Master Plan (TMP) have been adopted and endorsed.

Working together, the two plans will help achieve the vibrant, sustainable and inclusive future residents envisioned through the creation of our city’s Imagine Kelowna community vision. Thousands of residents participated in the development of Imagine Kelowna, the OCP, and TMP and helped establish the priorities for how we will grow and move over the next two decades. 

“Developing the TMP alongside the OCP has truly been a collaborative and community-driven effort,” said Mariah VanZerr, Strategic Transportation Planning Manager, “The engagement we have received from the public directly shaped both plans.”

“The implementation of these plans marks historic milestone for Kelowna and brings us one step closer to realizing the full potential of our community vision,” said Danielle-Noble Brandt, Policy & Planning Department Manager. “People from every corner of the community came together to create a bold direction for the future of our beautiful city and now we are able to put it into action.”

The 2040 OCP provides a policy framework for Council by addressing issues such as housing, transportation, infrastructure, parks, economic development and the natural and social environment. It sets the course for how Kelowna should grow over the next 20 years, prioritizing areas, decisions and policies citizens have asked the City to focus on.

The 2040 TMP sets the direction for a vibrant city where people and places are conveniently connected by diverse transportation options. It is a long-term plan for transportation improvements that will help keep Kelowna moving, now and into the future. 

The OCP and TMP were developed in close coordination with other long-range plans, like the 20-Year Servicing Plan and Regional Transportation Plan. The OCP was adopted on January 10 with the TMP’s endorsement following suit on Jan. 24.

Discover how these two plans help guide us to 2040 through an interactive story, highlighting how Kelowna will grow, move and thrive over the next 20 years. For more information about the 2040 Official Community Plan, visit For the 2040 Transportation Master Plan, visit